2. november 2017

How we did in 2017

The 2017 season continued where the 2016 ended with awesume riding from Vilde Marie.

Just before the last round in various cups and championships vilde had a bad landing that renderd her unable to finish what had been a triumph so far.

In the Danish championship she was on the podium nearly all rounds, setting her up for eigther bronce or silver.

In the Norwegian championship, she was chasing a podium finish overall with 3rd as the best result.

In the national enduro cup, she was 2nd going for silver overall.

In the motocross regionals she had solid 2nd finishes.
In the All Star cup she won all races she attended.
Vilde had her first European championship experience attending all the rounds.
In the first rounds she had a goal to qualify or at least not come in last.
She shattered that goal, placing herselves in the lower end of top 20. Then things started to happend and she was able to up the speed considerable finnishing with great 8th place overall in the last round in Latvia.



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